Friendly reptiles

Slow-worms are common on Woodhouse Allotments and they are completely harmless. Please do not handle them, move them, or harm them in any way.

They are not snakes.

These reptiles are mostly active during twilight and occasionally bask in the sun, but are more often found hiding under rocks and logs. They feed on slugs and other pests.

They are common on allotments and can be encouraged to make their home on your plot and help remove pest insects by placing black plastic or a piece of tin on the ground. On warm days one or more slow-worms will often be found underneath these collectors of heat.


Soil improver available

Soil improver is currently available to take away from the Recycling Centre in Summers Lane, N12.

This is the same kind of soil improver as we have delivered direct to the allotment 3-4 times a year. It’s available free of charge from the Recycling Centre – you just have to bag it up and drive it away. A limited number of plastic sacks are also available on-site, but we’d suggest taking your own shovel and sacks.