Notice of the 2012 AGM

Details of this year’s AGM, to be held on Saturday November 3rd, have been posted in the members’ area on this site.

We would like to encourage ALL members to attend this year so you have the opportunity to review 2012 activities and be involved in the planning for 2013.

In advance of the meeting, you should receive, either by email or post, a copy of the following;

  • Rent Invoice for 2013
  • AGM Agenda for 3rd November
  • 2011 Minutes

Generic copies of the above will also be posted on the site noticeboards and this website.

Please come along to the meeting and have your say.

Plums for free

If you’re passing Plot 25 (on the right as you go down the grassy path; the plot number is stamped on a tree stump), or even if you have to make a detour, please feel free to pick some plums from the tree next to the path. There are far too many fruit this year for me and they will simply go to waste unless lots of people come to pick them. Thanks, Christina (Plot 25).