Working party

Our next working party is on Saturday April 20th and will start at 2.00pm. Please offer to help if you can – the more people attend, the lighter the load and the quicker we get through the work. We should be finished by 4.00pm.

Refreshments will be available for everyone who takes part.

To sign up for the working party on Saturday April 20th, contact Carrie or Csilla – see the noticeboards for details.

Greenhouse repairs

If you have found any damage to your greenhouse over the last few months and are looking at repairs, it might a time to consider acrylic rather than glass. We’ve used a supplier of acrylic panels a couple of times over the years –  in contrast to glass, much easier to handle, and less fragile. A supplier in Bounds Green offers flat acrylic plastic panels at reasonable cost – a rough price for a 730×610 panel is £15 for acrylic. The equivalent for glass is approx £11.  The company’s website is at or phone 020 8361 4807

The local glaziers that we have used is phone 020 8445 7047\020 8446 1048