Update on the AGM, Sunday November 10th

[Update] The final agenda for the AGM and also the Treasurer’s report and accounts have now been posted to the Members’ Area on this site, under item 2, Notice of the 86th Woodhouse Allotments’ AGM.

The Annual General Meeting for Woodhouse Allotments will be held on Sunday, November 10th, 2013, starting at 3pm.

You should have received a letter in the post with details of the AGM, and also of the rent for the next year 2013-14. Please bring your rent payments with you to the AGM – Graham will be collecting monies from 2.30pm on the day.

Please make every effort to attend the AGM. We will be discussing issues relating to self-management and this will be your opportunity to have your say.

Refreshments will be provided.

For more details and relevant documentation relating to the AGM, please go to the Members’ Area on this site.

New tenancy agreement and Members’ Handbook

As we move closer to signing our new lease with the Council, which will give us full responsibility for running and maintaining Woodhouse Allotments, we have a new tenancy agreement which members will need to sign when you renew your allotment tenancy this month. A copy of the new tenancy agreement has been posted in the Members’ Area for you to download and read through.

We have also prepared a Woodhouse Allotments Limited Handbook, which is designed to be read in conjunction with the new tenancy agreement and will give you extensive information and background on Woodhouse Allotments, its rules and guidelines. This is also available for download from the Members’ Area.

If you get a chance, please do read through both documents in advance of the AGM.