This weekend we had a serious incident at the allotment when a plotholder suffered facial burns after using petrol on a bonfire.

If you are burning waste on your plot, please ensure you do so safely. It is extremely dangerous to use petrol or any other accelerant (meths, white spirit, etc) on a bonfire. The fire will flare up unpredictably and any wind can blow flames towards bystanders.

There is also the possibility of damage to sheds, other buildings or trees.

a.       Don’t burn any plastic material, or anything other than green or woody waste.

b.      Don’t light a bonfire on a windy day when smuts could blow on to other plots or into the neighbouring gardens.

c.       Never leave a fire unattended.

d.      Make sure the fire is properly extinguished before leaving the site.

e.      Don’t use petrol or other accelerants on your bonfire.