Next plot inspection and working party

The next plot inspection will take place on Friday April 25th, the same day as our next working party.

Plots will be inspected in the morning prior to the working party, which starts at 11.00am. If you think your plot needs some tidying up, now is the time to get going. The list below details the area which the inspectors will be looking at.

  • General condition of the plots. Plots should be kept tidy and free of rubbish.
  • Overgrowth and weeds – should be kept to a minimum.
  • Extent of cultivation. Two-thirds of the area of the plot should be under cultivation – this is a requirement of the Woodhouse Allotments rules. New plotholders are given time to bring their plots up to standard.
  • Condition of paths between plots. These should be clearly marked and kept trimmed.
  • Plot numbers. Clearly marked and visible.

Most plots usually pass inspection without further comment. Owners of plots which do not meet the standards listed above will receive a letter outlining the improvements that need to be made and a reasonable time limit given to carry out these improvements.

Please talk to a member of the committee if you need some temporary help with your plot, if you have been unwell or otherwise incapacitated.

Working party

As you’ll have seen, the next working party is also on April 25th, a Friday. At the last AGM it was agreed to vary the days on which working parties are held, to enable people with specific weekend commitments to still be able to come along.

Start time is 11.00am and we expect to be finished around 1.00pm. Refreshments will be provided for workers.

You do not have to let us know in advance if you’re coming to the working party, but it does help us to figure out what can be done in the time available if you we have a rough idea of numbers. But do feel free to just turn up on the day!