Advance notice – road closure

You will have noticed that the school plot at number 63 is now taking shape and there has been a whirl of activity over the past week by a team from Lawsons, other volunteers, children, parents and teachers.

The work is due to reach its final stages throughout the course of this coming week.

We would like to inform all plotholders that the top part of the through road will be closed to vehicles in the morning this Friday 16th May (from 9am for approximately three hours) to enable the children to barrow their compost, etc, to and from their plot safely.

The school plot coordinators have thanked everyone for their cooperation, support and the welcoming way they have been greeted by their fellow plotholders.

If you have any old tools, equipment, seeds, plants, etc, you can donate to help get them started, please let us know.

Next working party

The next working party will be on Saturday June 7th, starting at 2.00pm.

Do come along if you can – you do not have to let us know in advance if you can attend the working party, but it does help us to figure out what can be done in the time available if you we have a rough idea of numbers. But do feel free to just turn up on the day!

We expect to be finished around 4.00pm and refreshments will be provided for workers.

Tasks for June’s working party include:

  • Follow-up April plot inspections
  • Crop ivy and growth from the Wren Academy fence
  • Mow bottom path
  • Cut back car park growth

Remember that the new tenancy agreement requires members to attend two working parties every year.