Skip on site

Happy new year to all Woodhouse Allotments members. I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas holiday and are getting ready for the new growing season.

We currently have a skip on site to enable you to clear any remaining rubbish from your plots. Please use the skip ONLY for non-compostable, non-metal items – this will be mostly plastics.

Anything metal can go in the scrap metal bay, and we also hope to have these items cleared this week. Your green waste should either be composted on your plot or packed out into green bins.

The on-site skip should only be used to dispose of items from your plot. Do NOT bring items on to the site to put them into the skip – anything you want to get rid of that is currently off-site should be taken to the recycling centre on Summers Lane.

We hope that by using the skip properly, our whole site will be looking much tidier and ready for spring.