Trading Hut open again

You may already have spotted the Hut now has a smart new noticeboard and postbox – the first of many improvements to the facilities and running of our shop.

We also now have our first stock in for 2021 of potatoes, spring-sowing alliums, compost, manure and seeds.

For the duration of the current COVID lockdown, the Trading Hut will not open at its traditional times; however, it will be open from 12 midday to 1.00pm on Sundays for you to collect any orders you have previously made. Order forms are available from the Trading Hut door.

Either post your order into the letter box on the Trading Hut door or email it to us. Prices for all items are posted on the new noticeboard outside the Trading Hut; prices for potatoes, onions, compost and manure are posted below as well.