Bonfire dates 2021-2022

The following dates were agreed as bonfire days at the Woodhouse Allotments AGM held in September. They follow the pattern of the first Saturday + the first Sunday of each month until the end of March, but avoiding Christmas and New Year weekends.

The days are as follows and no bonfires may be held at other times.

•             Saturday October 2nd

•             Sunday October 31st

•             Saturday November 6th

•             Sunday November 28th

•             Saturday December 4th

•             Sunday December 19th

•             Saturday January 8th

•             Sunday January 30th

•             Saturday February 5th

•             Sunday February 27th

•             Saturday March 5th

•             Sunday March 27th

Please follow good bonfire practice every time you have a bonfire.

Bonfire code of practice


•             If you have been building your bonfire for some time, check that animals have not taken shelter under it before lighting.

•             Consider wind direction and the way the smoke will drift once lit.

•             Build it in an open area away from sheds, greenhouses and other flammable items.

•             Have a hose pipe or water supply ready should it get out of control to dampen it down or extinguish the flames.

•             Keep the bonfire small.


•             Leave children and small pets unattended or near a lit fire.

•             Build a bonfire close to your shed, or next to a fence.

•             Put things on a bonfire that will cause smoke, explode or cause toxic pollution.

•             Leave a bonfire unattended.

ALWAYS stand at a safe distance from the bonfire once it is lit.