Bonfire update

During the pandemic, Woodhouse Allotments has suspended rules allowing bonfires on our site.

We now propose to allow our members to light bonfires from Thursday October 29th to Sunday November 1st, and then again on Saturday November 7th and 8th. This is to enable our members to dispose of the considerable amount of woody waste that cannot be easily composted or taken to the Recycling Centre that has bult up since February this year.

Our lease with Barnet Council allows bonfires between October and the end of March; however, out of recognition that many of our neighbours in roads surrounding the allotment site are now spending more at home than normal, and that we now have a primary school as a close neighbour, we banned all wood fires during March and from the beginning of October this year.

We have chosen this time to relax the ban to coincide with half-term and also the weekends either side of Bonfire Night/Guy Fawkes night, when one might reasonably expect bonfires to be lit elsewhere, including in our neighbours’ own gardens.

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