Important: bonfire ban

No bonfires are to be held on site for the moment until further notice.

We have received a number of complaints recently from neighbouring residents about bonfire smoke. Given the current concern about the respiratory difficulties associated with coronavirus we think a temporary ban on bonfires is an appropriate measure to take.

There may have been a comparatively high number of bonfires just recently as the weather – at last! – dries up a little. It’s also possible that our bonfires are very smoky at present as the wood and green waste is inevitably quite damp.

Please take any waste that would otherwise be burnt to the recycling centre in Summers lane or compost it on your plot.

Good plot-keeping

Following the plot inspection and tree survey last month, we have contacted all members with the findings, both from their own plot and for the site as a whole.

The documents attached here should have been sent to all plotholders, either by email or by post. They’re posted here for reference or in case anyone has mislaid their copy.

Plot inspection summary – our findings from the entire site, a reminder about boundaries and paths, and how you can best clear your plot of rubbish.

Tree survey overview  – why we’re inspecting our trees and what will happen next.


This weekend we had a serious incident at the allotment when a plotholder suffered facial burns after using petrol on a bonfire.

If you are burning waste on your plot, please ensure you do so safely. It is extremely dangerous to use petrol or any other accelerant (meths, white spirit, etc) on a bonfire. The fire will flare up unpredictably and any wind can blow flames towards bystanders.

There is also the possibility of damage to sheds, other buildings or trees.

a.       Don’t burn any plastic material, or anything other than green or woody waste.

b.      Don’t light a bonfire on a windy day when smuts could blow on to other plots or into the neighbouring gardens.

c.       Never leave a fire unattended.

d.      Make sure the fire is properly extinguished before leaving the site.

e.      Don’t use petrol or other accelerants on your bonfire.

Greenhouse repairs

If you have found any damage to your greenhouse over the last few months and are looking at repairs, it might a time to consider acrylic rather than glass. We’ve used a supplier of acrylic panels a couple of times over the years –  in contrast to glass, much easier to handle, and less fragile. A supplier in Bounds Green offers flat acrylic plastic panels at reasonable cost – a rough price for a 730×610 panel is £15 for acrylic. The equivalent for glass is approx £11.  The company’s website is at or phone 020 8361 4807

The local glaziers that we have used is phone 020 8445 7047\020 8446 1048