Important: updates re coronavirus

March 26th, 2020

Updated instructions for visiting the allotment during the coronavirus outbreak

Dos and Don’ts

  1. The allotments are OPEN.
  2. Be careful when opening and closing the main allotment gates:
    1. Wear gloves to unlock the padlock.
    2. If possible, disinfect the gate and padlock before and after you use it.
    3. Use hand gel if you have it.
  3. The only people you may bring with you to the allotment site are other members of your household.
  4. Social distancing: keep a distance of at least 2 metres from anyone else at the allotment site.
  5. Do not loiter on paths or the roadway.
  6. If you or anyone that you live with is showing symptoms of coronavirus, DO NOT come to the allotments. STAY AWAY until you have completed your isolation period.
  7. If you see anyone not abiding by these guidelines, please contact a committee member.

The instructions above are for your own safety and also to protect those more vulnerable than you from infection.

General information

  1. The Trading Hut will remain closed until further notice. We will be continuing with our order and delivery service while stocks last.
  2. No further deliveries are currently scheduled.
  3. The water will stay OFF. The water tanks will be filled and topped up on a weekly basis. Members should collect rainwater on their plots where they can.
  4. Working parties between now and the end of May are cancelled.
  5. The plot inspections scheduled for April 4th-5th will be postponed.
  6. We will continue to carry out Health & Safety inspections on an ad hoc basis and we will get in touch if anything on your plot needs to be fixed or repaired.

There is further information on the noticeboards around the allotment site. Please read them and make sure you are familiar with all the guidelines re coronavirus.


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