Onions and shallots in stock

We now have onions and shallots in stock at the Trading Hut ready for spring planting, so do come along and choose your sets from us. We have the following varieties available:

  • Onions: Stuttgartner – yellow onion, smooth mild flavour, slow to bolt, keeps well.
  • Onions: Sturon –  yellow onion, good sized, round bulbs, very reliable and keeps well.
  • Red onions: Comred – deep red onion, good flavour.
  • Shallots: Golden Gourmet – classic round shallot, golden yellow flesh. Large bulbs, slow to bolt.
  • Shallots: Red Sun – Thai-style round shallot with a pink tinge to the skin. Crisp white flesh.

These are all priced at £1.00 per 250g – you should get around 15-20 bulbs for 250g.

We also still have potatoes available. Come quickly for the salad variety Charlottes, which are selling fast at £3.50 for a 2.5kg bag. We have maincrop varieties as well: Desiree, Maris Piper, King Edward and the Cypriot potato Spunta, all at £1 per kg.

Finally, don’t forget we have the first working party of 2015 this Saturday, February 28th, starting at 2.00pm. We urge as many people as possible to come to help out with clearing up communal areas. Refreshments will be provided.


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